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An excuse used by women in order to get by with whatever they want
Zach:So Sarah whats up with you and Cody?
Zach:Ummm, Sarah?
Sarah:SHUT THE FUCK UP!(Sarah punches Zach in the face, Zach is on the floor bloody)
Mimi:Sarah! look what you did! I think you just killed him!
Sarah:I'm sorry, I think it's that time of the month...
by Tsukuri March 23, 2009
1.One of the most misused word of our generation. This so-called love is thrown around as if it were the next "Hello". It is a word by which many would consider "sacred" or "pure". But ironically, that kind of love is not demonstrated among today's society.

2.Often used as a manipulative tool to gain trust. This trust is then used to lure the "significant other" into having sex with them.
Chad:So Tony, how are you and Jessica doing?
Tony:Dude, I think things are really starting to get serious
Chad:What do you mean?
Tony:...I think I love her
Chad:What!?! You guys have only been dating for one week!
by Tsukuri March 22, 2009
A disease that spreads faster than fireworks on the 4th of July. The effects of this disease are what you make it, but there is no cure.
Person 1:Hey man, I think I love this girl
Person 2:That's not good, you're in for some serious shit!
by Tsukuri March 22, 2009
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