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An urbanized and supposedly cool way of saying, "That's the way the cool crumbles." Mostly used by perverted pre-pubescent boys who think the quote is sexual.
"Aw man, I just got a D on my math test.." "That's the way the pickle squirts dude."
by Erika June 01, 2004
The angle of the trajectory of pickle fluids when a is squished.
The pickle squirted at 38.256° above the horizontal.
by DragonlordALS May 28, 2004
The way the seamen in the male reproductive organ the penis, squirts as he ejaculates. Ie, the direction.
Woman: HEY, you got some in my eye!!
Man: Sorry, that's the way the pickle squirts!
by courtney May 28, 2004
The direction in which i man's penis ejaculates.
The pickle squirted that way.
by Andrew May 31, 2004

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