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Like that's how I do, but used when other people are involved or you wish to share the props with other people.
"He came up talkin' shit and you stole on dat boy!"

"Man, that's how we do."
by Tiogi May 24, 2008
A group identification term used tolet the person know that the stupidity just witnessed is not simply limited to the present individual, but to all those he associates with. Often times this gesture is accompanied by raised arms with the hands pointing down toward the individual for further proof that he/she is indeed the one talking.
"Yeah I got crabs for her, but all my boys got it from her, that's how we do it!!"
by BaileyBosco July 05, 2006
A phrase substituting for the phrase 'ya man, that's how we do (or say) things'

Or 'that's mah girl (or boy, or boi)'.

Can also mean 'that's a good girl', or 'that's a good boi'.

Or 'ya, that's how we act 'round here brotha'

The list goes on...

The list goes on...
Ya man, that's how we do.

Oh ya, that's how we do.

"Why you do that man?"

Response: "Cause that's how we do."

by Jessica Mandru March 21, 2004
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