That's so gay
person #1: tim just had sex with john
person #2: that's so raven
by the best thing u never had May 26, 2012
Top Definition
something that is OBVIOUSLY African American (aka black)
"Hey! Let's get chicken!"
"Dude, that's so raven!"
by johnny tsumani July 10, 2008
A show on a family-oriented channel called Disney Channel. This show circles Raven Baxter, a psychic that can predict visions. She has 2 parents, one brother, and two friends.
That's So Raven is a show on Disney Channel.
by DoirB April 13, 2009
ADJ: When everything is so amazing that it feels like its your birthday.
A: I just got two tickets to the sold out concert you wanted to go to

by norithegreat February 10, 2012
That's So Raven was a popular Disney Channel show in the early 2000s, featuring child actress Raven-Symoné. Since she publicly came out as lesbian in August of 2013, the phrase is now used to describe individuals who use Twitter to come out of the closet.
Tweeter 1: "Hey did you hear? Denzel finally came out of the closet."
Tweeter 2: "Really? When did he do that?
Tweeter 1: "This morning. He made a tweet."
Tweeter 2: "He came out on Twitter? That's So Raven."
by naciasi August 03, 2013
A TV show that started in 2003 and ended in 07. Usually "remember the 90's" or along the lines of fake 90's kids facebook pages, posts disney photos of "that's so raven" wishing the old disney chanel would play back on air. Making white girls a bit more blacker by using the terms "oh snap!" "you'll little nasty" (when she falls down and gets back up) "i'm ok!"

The phrase means you're so uncool or lame or copyrighted.
Sarah: Stephanie did we have calculus homework?
Stephanie: I don't know i didn't do anything last night either way
Sarah (checks to see if they had homework): Dude Stephanie we did have homework and it's worth 20% of our grade
Stephanie: OH SNAP!
Sarah: Dude that's so raven (shakes her head)
by slitheringsnakess March 10, 2014
A phrase used to describe anything gay or queer in nature. Not used in a derogatory manner.
"Did you hear little Sally made out with that hot chick yesterday?"
"Seriously? That's so Raven!"
by savethenerds August 02, 2013
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