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Inherently sarcastic comment, indicating that the person you are responding to should stop speaking.

(early 80s, Northern California)

Synonym: Voot!
A: Well, you know I feel very strongly about how the...

B: that's great.
by Squid Faced Tony December 03, 2004
Well "Thats great" is used in many terms. The term i believe used by caucasians while not giving a dam about what the other person is saying, because they just wana sound like they give a dam they would answer " wow, thats great" while really not paying attention to what you have said.
Clever: Well Josue, i found out that the reason why the Printer was taking to long to print is because the resolution was 400%. The printer had to be @ 75%

Josue: Thats great
by JOsue July 14, 2004
sarcastically commenting on something that is lame.
TAS1: "Check it out man; this is my new sign for cool (making a weird hand signal)"
TAS2: "Uhhh... that's great!"
by Will L June 09, 2005
thats a great song they say all the words that they are not for children
so bull it
by aaron April 04, 2004
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