Same as a "Brain Fart", meaning a lapse in memory.
I thart I remembered our anniversary date, sweetie, but I was wrong!
by Henry Harmison July 14, 2008
Top Definition
A combination of thought and heart as a description of a way to live. Also: the meaning of life.
Weary Traveller: What is the meaning of life oh wise and exalted one?
Crusty Hermit: Well, you see, is a river, see, thart.
W.T.: Ah! And all this time...
by Reht Omru Oy February 27, 2005
To use the shitter at work, resulting in just a fart and sitting on average 25 minutes, 4-5 times daily.
Look guys, theres JT heading in for his 4th thart and it still not even noon!!
by foundryRat July 20, 2011
Contraction of "thou art"
The thou-form of "you're (you are)"
Th'art a fart.
by adlez June 03, 2015
thart is when u think hard and fart at the same time.
"i just tharted"
by TPenn March 13, 2009
The feeling that you have to fart but when you try you really shit your pants.
I hope that Russ does not thart in the meeting this morning.
by Jon Sendelbach May 12, 2004
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