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to fuck up, fuck in general
"man nick just thraped that up"
"i totally tharped her last night"
"tharp!, that really hurt"
by Brady.1 October 20, 2007
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The hottest sexibuy travis mugs, tshirts and magnetshottest guy ever!!!! usually used for sexual pleasure, but not in this case.
est thing alive. I wanna lick his face off.He is very caring for those close to him, but say one word to him and he will kick your ass.


Don't mess with this mother fucker.
totally do-able
tharp is a badass
by jcprice1 February 25, 2010
runner up of the year
i made runner up when he fainted in the race,i realy tharped it up
by zane 1 February 25, 2010
A fart that is expelled during the act of wanking.
V. To tharp
"I accidentally tharped last night, it was a complete turn off."
by Tharper22 January 03, 2014
To eat it entirely, fall, trip, mess up, or to hurt oneself in a clumsy manner.
Oh man that guy totally Tharped it jumping off that platform.

I Tharped it when I tripped and fell during the race.
by 01234566 September 18, 2008

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