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a faggot way of saying thanks
Thanx so much
by Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy July 28, 2010
thanks; an abbreiviation of thank you
yo thanx fo tha loot, homie
by MPG May 04, 2004
Thanx a lot.
by John P. July 10, 2003
This is a phonetic spelling of Thanks but also combination of thank you and a kiss denoted by an x
See you next time honey and thanx
by StartMZ August 26, 2014
What people too lazy to write 'thanks' write.
person 1: "thanx because im a lazy freak."
person 2: "Yes you are a lazy freak, you're even too lazy to write 'thanks', now stay away from me you lazy freak.
by dref said right June 10, 2004