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It's the vegetarian version of a turducken.

In theory, it's a tofurkey which has been stuffed with mock duck, which has been stuffed with ficken (fake chicken), which has been stuffed with a vegetarian stuffing.

Tofurkey> Mock Duck> Fake Chicken> Stuffing...
I've been asking my vegetarian girlfriend to create a tofurducken for me, but so far it has not happened. Turducken sounds rad, but vegetarians are missing the boat.
#turducken #tofurkey #tofu #vegetarian #vegan #turkey #thanksgiving #ficken
by Swintronix April 29, 2010
ravaged in a violent, berserker-like manner, such as by a grizzly bear. describing the end result of ruinous damage.
vultures picked over the grizzled corpse of mankind.
#death #metal #grindcore #corpse nuggets #spelunking #o'grizzled
by Swintronix July 01, 2011
It means "good buddy". Originally spoken by man in his late 80s, with an almost indecipherably thick West Texas accent. The term is used with respect.
"Excuse me sir, could you direct me to the highway?"

"Sure, gubdy..."

#good buddy #pal #chum #friend #drawl
by Swintronix April 19, 2009
A word used to describe the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season.

It is very clever because the shortening of Thanks is "Thanx", like how the youngsters do the textings and whatnot, while, at the same time, the "x"is the first letter of "X-mas".
It's February and my manager is already hounding me to submit my time-off requests for the Thanx-mas season, which is over 9 months away. I could literally conceive and become the father of an un-planned child during that time-frame, and he wants to know what my holiday plans are.
#thanksgiving #christmas #xmas #holiday #new year's eve #x-mas
by Swintronix February 25, 2010
Acronym: Times Are Fucking Tough. In other words life sucks, deal with it.
"the boss is making me work though lunch"


"true that."
#life sucks and then you die #snafu #deal with it #here's a quarter #yo' momma
by Swintronix April 19, 2009
Vegetarian slang for "fake chicken".

Any chicken substitute made from soy, seitan, or other non-animal product.
"What's this in the stir fry? You don't eat meat."

"That's ficken. Tasty, huh?"

"Yeah, not bad."
#chicken #vegetarian #vegan #tofu #soy #seitan #tofurkey
by Swintronix April 29, 2010
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