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13 definitions by MPG

the moast awesome religion that states that God set the universe into motion by becoming the universe.

universe = god
"yo, homies, you guys want to go the the unitarian sermon on campus tonite?"

"nah, G, i'm all 'Pandeism' now."


"Yeah, boyeeeeee, God set it into motion, and he is what's in motion."

"man, you b the one with the emotion."
by mpg June 25, 2006
679 58
thanks; an abbreiviation of thank you
yo thanx fo tha loot, homie
by MPG May 04, 2004
162 52
the act of placing 'Mc' in front of common words, imitating the McDonald's linguistic style
yo, McBack up the McTruck! you McMissed the MacDonald's drive thru, you McMoron!
by MPG May 05, 2004
42 13
Los Angeles; where you can get anyhting you need, especially for your dietary neuroses.
I can't wait to get over the Cajon pass: we'll be in the land of soy milk and cruelty-free honey!
by MPG May 04, 2004
31 9
a madd iced-out tear-wrist leader with phat scrilla
yo u so iced out u look like osama bling ladin.
by MPG December 21, 2004
33 17
ghetto graffiti;

obscure scawlings on privacy fences and drainage ditches that are difficult to interpret.

Usually spray painted.
damn this fence looks all wack with all dem barrioglyphics tagged on!
by MPG May 04, 2004
21 5
a guy who is second-placed through association with teammates with poor ethics, who happens to be caucasian.
man, I'm soooo sorry that happened to you. her actions made you the white kwame.
by MPG May 04, 2004
15 3