An acronym for the phrase "Totally Fucking Lost", which is used to describe a person who is very out of place in a certain situation and, as a result, is behaving in a manner that is awkward and/or annoying (typically without realizing)

Origin: Washington, DC; Philadelphia, PA
"That old alumnus guy who was at the college bar by himself and never stopped shouting things at the screen during the game seemed like he was trying to impress all the students there with his fanhood and football acumen. It was really obnoxious. He was so TFL."
by NickeNitro November 22, 2009
Top Definition
An acronym standing for "Tips for Life" and is usually followed by a suggestion to prevent someone from looking like a n00b.
If someone were to fart and exclaim, "Guys I farted!"
You may say, "TFL: Don't announce to us that you farted."


TFL: don't sound like an idiot.
by Nick Wedge and Ryan Wilson May 10, 2005
Acronym for too fucking long
That forum post is way TFL.
by M. Frost April 22, 2006
Total Freaking Loser
President Bush is a TFL. I can't believe half this country is stupid enough to vote for him.

I asked her to dance and she said "TFL" as she turned and walked into the dark.
by pdm2 September 18, 2005
Transport For London ( is London's transport website. If you need to know how to get anywhere by public tranport in London use tfl
How to I get from Hamstead Heath from Twickenham?
I dunno mate tfl it!
by emmaleighjohnson July 10, 2008
Thanks For Liking
TFL my picture.
(Thanks for liking my picture.)
by ivynerak September 25, 2011
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