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too fucking funny
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
That's Fucking Funny. For those who refuse to adopt "LOL" as a means of conveying joy and laughter via text messaging. TFF is a more appropriate response to a witty text message or photo than "LOL". The actual act of "Laughing Out Loud" rarely occurs.
Greg, "Dude I had the worst dream last night that my Mom caught me masturbating. It was humiliating."

Joel, "TFF"
#tff #lol #thats fucking funny #laugh out loud #funny #text message #hilarious
by Mr. Joel January 13, 2014
Total Frat Fag

You're everyday fraternity douche bag.
GDI #1: Look at that d-bag in the Polos and Sperry's. There isn't even a boat within 20 miles of here.

GDI #2: Ya, what a TFF.
#total #frat #fag #sperrys #polo
by GDILVR January 15, 2011
too fukn funny
by Bungle July 03, 2003
Too Freaking Funny or Too Fucking Funny, used because Lol is old and annoying and anyone who says lol can get a punch in the face from me
Haha he looks like a chicken TFF
#tff #too #freaking #fucking #funny
by Blondegirl13 December 05, 2010
Text Friend Forever. Much like BFF, this word describes a good friendship that is primarily carried out via text messages. A friend you rarely see but communicate via text often.
"Charmaine's my TFF so I am not worried. My secrets are safe with her."
#bff #text friend #tf2 #textmate #bf
by ReReDuce August 06, 2014
"Trade For Fuck"
Used mainly for people who do services like photographers or elecritions and what not. Very frowned apon even though its normally a good deal for some. For others who hate it they act as if its a sin.
Paint your house for low cost or TFF.
#tff #trade for #tfcd #tfp #girls #guys #sex
by ChrisVol May 16, 2011
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