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The term basically means to Knock someone out, derives from bang out. can be used as a verb 'to spark out' or 'sparked out'
I'm gonna spark you out!
Mess with me and ima spark you right out mate!
you're getting sparked out pal.
you got knocked spark out!
by doodeyboob October 21, 2010
a verb meaning to 'cram' your mind with lots of info esp. for a test or an exam

key pieces of info i.e formulas and important aspects the fundamentals e.t.c are known as crammables (cram-a-bull's)
1: how did you find the test
2: it was aiight i crammed last night

1: have u revised for tomorrow
2: no but im gonna do alot of cramming

im gonna cram the hell outta this test

when you fail: damn i knew i shoulda revised properly and not just crammed
by doodeyboob May 10, 2009
A 'Grenoobtube' or 'Grenoob-tube' launcher comes form a blending made by myself of grenade+noob+tube as another jargon term for the grenadelauncher attachment for most weapons on call of duty modernwarfare 'cod4' and call of duty modern warfare 2 or 'cod6/ cod mod2'

check ma killcam i grenoob tubed that guy
by doodeyboob January 07, 2010
basically a game me and a friend created. played by two or more people on typically msn or another IM

1.preson A selects a question/statement and sends to person B
2. person B then tells A how many contacts they have online
3. A selects a contact and B has to send the statement/question to tht person WITHOUT telling them its a game
4.b then copy and paste's the convo to A
to see what the contact said in reply
a worked example of msn roulette
A: 'i want you tonight'
B ok i have 32 people online
A: hmm contact number 17
B ahh ffs its my cousin
A give one
B B says:
i want you tonight

contact 17 says:
what the fu*k no way!
A: hahahahaha dude that was sweet
by doodeyboob May 22, 2009
to linford christie it means to run very fast in order to get somewer pretty simple really not to be confused with 'to paula radcliff it'
i had to proper linford christie it for the bus

look at this guy he's doin a linford christie

doing a bit of linford chrisite-ing to make it to the station intime
by doodeyboob May 04, 2009
chong meaning to smoke
to be chonged: high

chong dat
im bare chonged
by doodeyboob April 22, 2009
tezz believed to be short for terrible usually used to mean how someone will react. in a negative/angry/violent way to a situation.

goin off sick OR go skitz or to go mad
'yo i cant believe ur dad found out u had a house full of people all high was he mad' "YEAHH he went off tezz"

'he was propa goin off tezz'

'he went tezz'

'ill go off tezz'
by doodeyboob May 03, 2009
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