A phrase used to describe the state of actively texing people. This can also show in the case of someone being unresponsive whether they are ignoring you or they are unavaliable.
Dave: Why hasn't Emma responded to my text yet? It's been 30 minutes!
Jack: I don't know, she might not be textually active. Wait a second, I'll check...
* Jack texts Emma something*
*Jack has one new message from Emma*
Jack: Yeah she's textually active/ignoring you
by Roflcopter94 June 18, 2011
the mode of conversational intercourse between teenaged boys and girls whose social awkwardness especially predisposes them to texting side-by-side instead of talking face-to-face.
Barbara was concerned that her teenaged daughter was stunting the development of her social skills and verbal capacity by becoming textually active, prematurely.
by psybermel October 09, 2009
people who are active texters or otherwise engaged in textual relationships on a daily or even hourly basis.
Ashley is textually active - she converses with friends via texts more than in person.
by Kelsey Nordal June 14, 2008
Talking to someone of the opposite gender through texting.
Person 1: Did you hear? Jim and Laura are now textually active!
Person 2: OMGZ no way!!!11
by Bmxtrev May 07, 2010
Arranging to have sex using text messages. It usually happens during an unstable marriage, or when one person usually forgets to bring condoms and the other person has to remind them.
Wife: Would you like to go see a play tonight?

Husband: No thanks, bitch. I plan on being textually active tonight.
by thebitchslap April 12, 2009
another form of cyber sex, sex via text messages.
yae: i had text sex last night
wanda: girl i didnt know you were textually active.
by mcbillions March 09, 2009
Someone who text messages their girlfriend/boyfriend constantly (often with obscene messages).
I do not want to be around her while she's being textually active with her boyfriend. It's gross!
by girl with words July 10, 2008
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