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Someone who texts more than they breath.
They are very active in their texting.

This texting can go from sexual acts or just heys.
either way you text way to much.

This can sometimes lead to a person with cramped up thumbs.

As if being sexually active having sex a lot, textually active, texting a lot.
holy shyt ! look that gurl all she ever does is texts.
talk about textually active.
by shanequatalie March 29, 2008
Engaging in any textual activity. The status of sending text messages on a semi-regular basis.
Doctor: 'Son, are you textually active?'
Teen: 'ya, but never with the same phone'
Doctor: 'what?'
Teen: 'I never text on the same phone, i like to feel different keyboards.'
Doctor: 'nice...'
Doctor: 'you have the H.I.V'
by EaganMNz June 17, 2010
someone who sends sms messages a lot.
Marcy: joey's cousin just text massaged me.
Jill: wow, he's so young, i didnt know he was textually active already
by Dante the man August 30, 2007
When you are staring a new relationship with someone. It first starts out through texting each other. Before you are sexually active in the relationship you are textually active. No sex involved..just text.
Me and that girl are just textually active...nothing serious yet. Just texting to get to know each other.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife March 24, 2009
What an adolescent becomes upon receiving their first cell phone.
It’s always a 'double edged sword' for a father when his daughter becomes textually active. While it allows for effortless communication, he must also accept that she is finally becoming a woman.
by Spike Emerson September 14, 2011
adj. 1. Being extremely active in the area of communication through a cellular device.
Bill: Hey Freddy, Joe got a new phone.
Freddy: Huh.
Joe: Look, guys! I'm textually active! Just like you!
Bill: What a loser.
by Lilly Andromeda July 30, 2011
When someone texts too much or is addicted to texting.
Little Brother: Did you hear? Mom said Stephanie had 824 texts!
Little Sister: Wow! She must be textually active.
by livialilac May 17, 2009
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