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The list of words that are in your cell phone's T9 library which appear when you type in the correct sequence of numbers.
Guy 1: Text Mike that "We'll see him l8er."
Guy 2: "L8er" is not in my textionary. I'll have to add it now.
by MarkShark May 18, 2009
The Modern usage of one's smartphone's autocorrect feature to check to see how to properly spell a word incorrectly. This generally leads to Textude. (Texting Attitude)
Text Message #1:, How do you spell Belive as in the Beatles Album?
Text #2 : Be Live?
Text #1: Yes Beleeve. My textionary isn't right.
Text #2: B E L I E V E.

Text #1 Thanks.
by Matersgurl May 13, 2014
A compendium of terms related to text messaging
"In the textionary you will find helpful definitions to text related buzz words, such as flirxting, drixting, and sext messaging."
by Katrina Kaufman/Chris94 August 01, 2006

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