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The act of sending text messages whilst exercising
I was on the treadmill textercising yesterday because i was bored with just running.

"running is so boring" "have you tried textercising?, its great , you can text and run at the same time !"
by raymaas February 17, 2010
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Verb: To exercise your texting
You: Hey, Whaddup?
Me: Ntm, Chilling out listening to tunes, textercising. You?
by < Miss.La > September 22, 2010
2 0
The act of texting while exercising. Usually done while sitting on exercise equipment at the gym. Textercising works out mainly the thumb muscles.
You (at the gym, trying to work out at a machine occupied by a texterciser): Are you using this machine or are you just textercising?
by markspark January 08, 2014
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