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a friendly, romantic, sexual or intimate relationship, either brief or long-term, between two people whereby text messaging is utilized as the primary form of communication throughout, oftentimes due to one person's unwillingness and inability to express their feelings, unless at an impersonal level where senses, details and answers to questions and/or subject matter are intentionally avoided at the expense of disregarding and neglecting the need for sharing, giving, conveying a complete, forthright and respectful reply by other means of technology or face-to-face discussion.
My best friend ended the textationship with his girlfriend because of the many hours he was expected to spend engaging in arguments and discussion through text each day.
by Cardonick November 13, 2015
Text relationship: a waste of time meaningless impersonal relationship usually involving one party who is cowardly and defers to text messaging for their communication.
We have a great textationship
by Juls Taylor June 09, 2010
a relationship based solely on texting. No phone conversations ever take place other than brief one sentence statements such as "I'm here, open the gate".
Wow, Lauren and Jason need to get out of their textationship!
by Max Cash September 19, 2007
A "relationship" in which the parties speak to each other mainly through texting.

This "relationship" will probally only last a few weeks at the most.

There is also little physical contact, and 'face-to-face' talking involved in these "relationships."
Kai: So I hear you and Tom are in a relationship?!

Audriana: I guess you could call it that even though you only talk through texting...

Kai: Wait... So you mean it's a Textationship
by OsuBandTwink October 07, 2009
a relationship bound strictly to text messages with the absence of an actual physical connection, including but not limited to dates, sex, etc. One may use pictures, Facebook, or sexts, but it is strictly a telephone based relationship.
My, that lad has been in a textationship with her for sometime now. Do you think it will ever become at least Facebook official? I know they talked about meeting at Starbucks.
by rynogram July 12, 2012
A relationship that is predominately through texting.
Even though we never get to see one another, our textationship keeps us close.
by snoopy68 April 04, 2013
When two people text endlessly, but neither make the effort to see or speak to eachother IRL.
John is deep in the friendzone with Hazel, they only speak over text so will never amount to a real relationship, just there own pointless textationship.
by MoeLeicester September 30, 2015
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