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1. A specific form of language and word formation used almost exclusively in texting and internet discussions. Text speech is comprised of everyday American English that has been heavily fragmented and shortened. Typical text speech has a number techniques in it's use, including:
-inserting numbers of equivalent pronunciation, e.g. 2 = to,

-abbreviations, e.g. appt = appointment,

-famous acronyms such as LOL, FTW, WTF, IMHO, etc.
The general purpose of text speech is to make conversations as short and easy as possible.

2. 'Text speech' could also be used to mean that fucking annoying habit some people have when they phonetically pronounce text acronyms during a normal phone conversation.
Jesse: Oh sorry, berb.
Marcus: What??

20 minutes later

Jesse: You still there?
Marcus: What the hell was that about?

Jesse: I said I would be right back. berb.
Marcus: You mean B R B? God, would you please just drop the text speech? It's really confusing.
by IQuarent May 24, 2014
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