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1.) Spoken form of brb
Sorry guys, needa poop, berb!
by j00des February 23, 2005
verb. Birh-bz

Associated with the technical jargon "BRB" indicating to return within a short period of time.
I feel like having a quick fap berbs
by porkypig123 October 17, 2010
A skinny person who tries hard to become overwieght.
1. Any man wants a skinny chick, but some are actually berbs.
2. Watch out for a berb, they look harmless, but can devour everything in you fridge.
by BigMacFiend August 04, 2011
1. To gorge excessively, most notibely on fatty and/or unhealthy cuisine.

2. To compare obese individuals in units of berbs (150 kg/meter).
1. The girl was berbing when she ate a 20 piece bucket of KFC by herself (sides included).

2. I was watching Biggest Loser and decided to berb the contestants.
by Jongrel September 29, 2009
Bomb Em Right Back

Used in English Posters When Reffering To War, In Particular WW2.
Kayleigh: Yo Bro Wata I Rite
Char: Wat U Doin?
C: B E R B !
Mr B: WTF?!?!?
K+C: Bomb Em Rite Bak
Mr B: OW Okay A*
K+C: Dat Shit Was Tight
C:Brappage to the Maxage
by Kayleigh Char Hubwards August 04, 2008
To prematurely ejaculate.
"I'm so sorry, this has never happened before. I didn't mean to berb all over your face"

"Oh god I berbed in my pants"
by Señor Twinkle Toes March 06, 2014
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