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One who texts everyone instead of using their phone to talk. These texts are often nasty &/ or kinky, often needing to be deleted after being sent. OR someone who chooses to text, instead of talk on phone. Often called text talk.
A text whore is someone who chooses to text, not talk.
by so happy February 11, 2007
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A girl who tells you about her personal, whorish, love life and love problems in the form of text messages/IMs. see Attention whore
<3 jessii <3: "Mike wants me :("

Rob |: "not arsed"

<3 jessii <3: "whats the matter with you?"

Rob |: "nothing xD"

<3 jessii <3: "right ok"

Rob |: "just dunno why ur telling me"

Rob |: "i mean, why would i care if Mike wants you? do you honestly think im bothered?"

<3 jessii <3: "whatever"

Rob |: "same goes for the guy who picks u up from school and takes u back to his place, im not bothered"

A Typical textwhore conversation
by Lamzor May 13, 2007
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1.A person that sends a text to everyone in their phone, often flirty and suggestive. The person doesn't really mean what they say they just like the attention.

2. A person who receives more than 500+ texts a day, often from 10-20 different people.
Man that girl is such a text whore, she texts me then texts my best friend, often saying the same message.

I just received my 500th text message for the day, I'm such a text whore.
by masochirst July 01, 2008
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A person who doesn't share texts. You're trying to find something fun to do and a friend says they'll text someone to figure out plans. You will then see them sending texts back and forth but when you ask what the person is saying they won't tell you.
*Phone Beep*
Dude 1: Hey man what are they saying?

Dude 2:... *Texting*

Dude 1: You're really a really annoying text-whore.
by Cam F September 01, 2008
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Anyone Persons Adicted to Texting on A Mobile Phone As If It Makes Their LIfe More Meaning full..
"Yous try to justify texting for not being that bad nd just another necessity of life there fore yous are freakin textwhores."
by Tengi February 09, 2010
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