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Someone who texts more than 3 or 5 people frequently or on a daily basis. Teenage girls typically like to do this. The problems with this are:

1:Its annoying because this person will only give you one word replies.

2:They will take FOREVER to reply.

3:There's no life in the conversation.

4:And it's just annoying seeing as how this person will text you at innapropriate hours (ex: at the can, in class or someplace quiet, or simply during a time when you just don't feel like talking to anyone)
This is how a converstaion between you and a Texting Whore will typically go:

Whore: Heyy

You: Hey

(10 min later)
Whore: Whats up?

You: Just watching tv. You?

(another 10 min into the future)
Whore: lol

You: I don't get how that was funny?

(surprisingly this took her 1 min to reply)
Whore: Wat?

You: Me watching tv

(like almost 20 min later)
Whore: lol

You: How many people are you talking to?

(5 min)
Whore: Like 7

You: Goodbye
by MyNameIsSolo May 30, 2010

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