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one who constantly and obsessively communicates with others via text messaging, letter by tedious letter, from a tiny keypad on a cellular phone. The text addict finds odd comfort in the ability to avoid personal and/or vocal socialization.
"They're such text addicts, they tm each other while having sex with each other."
by Maw Kettle March 20, 2006
63 15
someone who texts nonstop, even at lunch when youre sitting right across from them. its pathetic especially when their parents actually pay for it. these people also sleep w/ their phones to make sure no one texts and they *OMG* miss it! scandal! they didnt read it until 5 am, it was sent at 3 am!!!! OMG!
text addict- *beep bleep blorg beep bop boo beep* *texting frantically*

normal person right next to them- WTF? did u just effing text me to tell me that youre sitting next to me? thats 1 effing dollar you freak!


text addict- *sleeping with phone under pillow* *phone vibrates and they read the text-
from brad, text addicts fellow texting boyfriend

text addict- omg, i almost missed that!!
by nycl17 May 11, 2007
33 16
A person or persons who are addicted to texting. People who (for mental reasons) can't stop texting.
You are such a textaddict. You text all the time!
by madgirl4ever May 30, 2010
3 1