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someone who texts nonstop, even at lunch when youre sitting right across from them. its pathetic especially when their parents actually pay for it. these people also sleep w/ their phones to make sure no one texts and they *OMG* miss it! scandal! they didnt read it until 5 am, it was sent at 3 am!!!! OMG!
text addict- *beep bleep blorg beep bop boo beep* *texting frantically*

normal person right next to them- WTF? did u just effing text me to tell me that youre sitting next to me? thats 1 effing dollar you freak!


text addict- *sleeping with phone under pillow* *phone vibrates and they read the text-
from brad, text addicts fellow texting boyfriend

text addict- omg, i almost missed that!!
by nycl17 May 11, 2007
GEEZ!!! people, calm down. its just a fuckin store, if u really didnt care about it, you wouldn't think about it enough to write this definition. you are pathetic stereotypical, and narrow minded. yes, i shop at abercrombie, hollister, american eagle, and aeropostale. ya know why? BECAUSE I LIKE THEIR CLOTHES. im not trying to be a slut or prep. i just fucking like their clothes, is that too much for your people hating brains to get? not everything in those stores are ripped or slutty. the only people that wear those are the slutty ones to begin with. sure, the stores are dark, but if it really bothers you, order online. will you stop hating everyone that maybe, possibly likes the modern fashions? their shirts and pants last forever, unlike your sacred, racist wal-mart pants you got for 5 cents made from 3 year olds in bangladesh. you're calling abercrombie, hollister, aeropostale, and american eagle racist? riiiiiiight. so, go whine and bitch about "conforming" to people that give a shit, and accept the fact that abercrombie, holl. ae. and aero. are polpular now, its just a fad that will eventually disappear, so give us all a break and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
you jerks- uuuuhhhh, a and f, hollister, ae, and aero are only for sluts and preps, you people suck, *whine"

NORMAL person wearing abercrombie- WTF? im wearing an A and F hoodie and plain dark wash jeans, what?

jerks- yeah, but u got that at a and f, which makes u a slut and prep.

person wearing a and f- first of all, a and f isnt preppy, argyle sweaters are preppy, and im not a slut! ur just ,mad because the pants u got at walmart yesterday fell apart when you took them out of the bag!

jerk- uuhhhhhh... *cries to his whiny friends"
by nycl17 May 11, 2007
a song by interpol, it used to be my fav song until i heard cursive, islands, and the kooks. interpol's pretty good though.
"roland was a butcher he had 16 knives"
-roland, by interpol
by nycl17 May 12, 2007

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