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A derisive word to describe an otherwise normale male (or possibly female) whose life is preoccupied by the hormone "testosterone". Most often a young person. Usually aggressive, egotistical, and though not necessarily unintelligent, certainly simple minded.
Hence: testosterstoned, A la "stoned."

Akin to "jock", closer to "musclehead"
You are an older guy and you happen to run into an old high school girlfriend that you never treated well. You were a naturally talented athlete and so you blame it on the hormones:

You: "Julie, I'm sorry I was always such a dick to you in high school. You know I didn't mean some of those things. Hell, I was testosterstoned from sophomore year until half way through college."
by William S. Nelson July 04, 2008
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when you or a buddy is so horny or craving sex to the point where they are just blinded by the urge to do it with someone
guy: did you see how ugly the girl guy2 went home with was.
guy3: yeah hes kinda testosterstoned
by Propter August 10, 2014

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