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Testicular + peculiarities : cockup stuff males never admit as wrongdoing! And just go blame it on their male hormonal make-up... , y'know?

I liked that word so much, I searched my 'wordrobe' for more and here's what I found (you'll be gobshite-smacked!):
-MACHOs: males acting childish, hormonal and obnoxious!
-egotesticles: egotistical testicles! HAHA!
-testyria: testicular hysteria!
-testosterone-poisoning: an excuse whenever you miss up stuff so bad!
-MAS: male-answer syndrome, or 'manswer'... is the tendency for a male to come up fast with a random answer even if he has zip idea what's he talking about, fueled by testosterone!
Testicularities? Heh, you telling me? Blame it on the T!
by hammer---;, hytham April 10, 2007
strength, courage, having balls

antonym: ovarity, Pat Shurmer
Joe: "Dude, Check out that chick at the bar"
Manly man: "Oh her? I banged her last week"
Joe: "Man, your testicularity has no bounds"

Madden: "4th and 24 on his own one yard line, and he going for it, now that coach has testicularity"
by Testicularus November 17, 2012
n. etym. Lat. test-, c. 2008 in a USPTO Petition to Reconsider 1. Audacity, pluck. 2. Courage 3. Tenacity
The courageous young newpaper editor displayed conspicuous testicularity by taking on all of the well-connected mobsters leaders and exposing their corrupt control over the Police Chief.
by J. D. Obenberger July 27, 2008
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