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1) A male's (pair of) testicles.
"When a lady, she goes to touch the testiclites, and they make a sound like thais: *PING*!"
by January 23, 2003
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Small mammial creatures often attached to the "Sack" of a male and emmit strange bell sounds when touched
"Brrrring" ah you touched my testiclites
by Phys August 11, 2005
1. A member of the male gender, from testicle and the suffix "-ite".

2. One who is fascinated with the testicles, or engages in testicle worship.

3. A macho showoff.

4. The gonad of the male; most often pluralized as "testiclites".
1. John is a testiclite, but mary is an ovarian.

2. That testiclite couldn't stop staring at my 'nads.

3. Johnny Knoxville is a testiclite!

4. Fondle my testiclites!
by JonMaker August 15, 2004

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