1) A test, you are testing some thing

2) A test in the school
1) TEST, 123... Bwahaha

2) A paper filled with boring questions that you should answer
by XiTER May 26, 2003
Spec. south london slang

v. To testify in court
"If you test then you die"
by McKenzie January 22, 2005
something that a dirty boyfriend lies about getting
see also STD
chris said he got a test, but the fucker was lying
by katerina October 20, 2003
That thing you have tommorow that you forgot to study for
Person 1: Hey, did you study for that math test we have today?
Person 2: Wait, since when have we had a test!
by Blueeagleonthemoon November 01, 2012
a method by which stupid things are tried to see if they work
i tested the torn parachute. it didn't work.
by chickenface01 May 02, 2011
Is the only way to find out whether certain expectations are met or not
Person 1: Dude! I have a test tomorrow
Person 2: Did you study for it
Person 1: No
Person 2: You're screwed

Mike: I'm testing the new Jeep tomorrow, wanna go?
Sarah: Sure
by camelknight December 27, 2010
A test is an effort made to test out a solution.
I wrote this as a test
by Mikey303030 November 05, 2007
Any sheet of paper or papers that are completely impossible to answer because not even half of those questions were on the review. (Look for "Review")
"🎶Uh, teacher, I ain't playing with you. Question 3 wasn't on the review. Fuck this test and fuck you too."
by ilovedory January 24, 2015

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