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A wonderful singer, awesome talent and takes part in dancing. Has a bad side don't get her mad. Loves to be active. Likes to hang out with friends. Adores kitties. She might bite/ scar you for life so you better watch out! :D
by T-Anne<3 April 14, 2014
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smart, awesome and cool.... also is Asian and is totally awesome like that... people who are like teryanne is a awesome singer and dancer..... everyone who is teryanne is a awesome twerker as well.... teryanne's know how to rule the world and also know how to make the hips move....
she also has a bad side too..... not only is she good in bed, but knows how to turn other people on........ i love teryanne's
Teryanne's are awesome and I totally want to be one!!!!!
by kaykayforeva27 April 10, 2014
teryanne is a awesome singer, dancer and can easily turn people on. she is also good in the bed and attracts people of the different sex
teryanne is awesome
by kaykayforeva27 April 10, 2014

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