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to be brain dead due to over use of drugs or alcohol.
those skoafs got me terried.
Bitch, your about to get terried!
by terryshav July 01, 2010
when somthing bad happens to a girl, when your in a bad situation.
regional, known mostly to a region of northern california.
they ran the eiffel tower on some girl, man was she terried.
I tried to run over a possum but my car got stuck in a ditch, man was i terried.
by bclose November 20, 2006
to have plans with someone for weeks before hand, only to be completely and totally ignored/ditched at the last minute having no back up plans whatsoever.
yeah i was supposed to go hang out with Steve last night, but he so terrie'd me dude
by ganglanon May 16, 2011