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A predominatly white High School in the foggy suburb of Pacifica California. It features a tiger mascot, and is one of the heaviest drinking schools California.
The Terra Nova students showed their lackluster attitudes at the football game.
by Schwank August 05, 2005
A very modern hiphop group. On the label Copasetik. Terranova is also a nice way to say "new land."
Got the new Terranova LP. It's mad sick.
by Seb April 26, 2004
the awkward situation involving three males sticking their testicles in each others assholes while shouting "Gung Ho!" several times.
Dude, rainer, sean, and i were having a terranova last night. For some reason my balls fit in their assholes with no trouble at all.
by Michael Bordes January 01, 2008
Evil tests middle school children are forced to take because of the government in IL.
Man, those Terra Nova tests were whack shit, yo!
by rae February 18, 2004
A very silly school with a bunch of retarded people who think they are not retarded but act retarded, proving themselves wrong in the process.
Dah! You go to Terra Nova?!?!
by rchow October 01, 2003

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