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very poorly done, many mistakes and it makes the whole series not make sense! the different writer really should have studied the other 2 so mistakes were not obvious!
makes me wish they chose the alternate ending for t2
terminator 3 was nothing but an excuse to make money, it didn't make sense and screwed up the purpose behind the terminator story.
by Coca December 26, 2003
70 21

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Worst movie ever
T3 blew t2 and t1 out of the water, yes it blew it. blew the franchise into history . no more T`s
by Neo1980 August 08, 2003
41 25
Best movie of Summer 2003, Arnold Kicked ass once again! And T-X is hot
Talk to the Hand
by Popeye July 20, 2003
26 44
Terminator 3: Rise of the machines.
It blew all other movies away. AKA T-3
Man, T-3 kicked ass!
by Johnny Rocketfingers July 10, 2003
7 50