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Slang term for the anus
My girl likes it in the ass, so I shoved my cock in her terd cutter.
by wopdick69 June 22, 2007
The o-ring. As the name says it cuts of terds in times of great need. Also shrivels with fright or great irritation.
The Phone started ringin right in the middle of my huge shit, Phew, my terdcutter got some action there!


god jimmy's laugh makes my terdcutter shrivel up like a raisin.


When Shaun came around my terdcutter cinched up tighter than a wet knot cuz it looked like he was gonna beat my ass
by Jooglyboo June 11, 2007
A fart ripped off that travels around an un pooed terd and picks up the scent.
You smell that? That's a terd cutter.
by D-Lyrix February 19, 2010
a device used for cutting terds
"that qwer is such a terdcutter he cuts terds with his teeth, and his name is forman ray equals gay maclean"

asshole, turdcutter, forman ray's mouth, and you
by mklv May 28, 2009
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