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When the erect penis causes containing fabrics such as underwear or bedsheets to be raised in a tent-like shape.
What're you looking at me like that for? I'm just tenting?
by Jeff Buckley December 17, 2007
Where the fly of pants/trousers bends up in the middle to form a "tent" shape that makes it look like you have a boner.
My mom thought I was touching myself when I was trying to stop my pants from tenting.
by bleepy March 09, 2004
When an erection forms a tent-shaped bulge in your trousers due to an erection
Billy, do you mind belt-looping please? Your totally tenting right now and you need to put it away or i'm gonna puke
by tory borty August 27, 2013
A condition caused by a state of excessive arousal in women that allows for larger-sized penises to fit more easily within the vagina.
I didn't want to be all up-ons on her cervix, so I had to make her tent first.

After performing cunnilingus on her for a while, she was tenting pretty good.
by teenyrocker July 18, 2010
Exactly the same as dogging but instead of doing it in a car you do it in a tent. Basically having sex in a tent whilst people watch, or maybe join in.
Erin: Me and john were walking though the woods and poeple were tenting.
Cath: whats tenting?
Erin: When you have sex in a tent and people watch or join in.
Cath: Did you join in?
Erin: ye john fucked the guy and i licker her clit. I LOVE TENTING
by Joshwinkle February 09, 2010
When one goes camping in a small forest, especially one designated for other purposes.
Dude, me and Brittany are packing up to go tenting in her neighborhood forest.
by Prince Nippoleon July 24, 2005
a type of self gratification; mental masturbation.
The District and Regional managers were talking to the manager of the store... they were totally tenting each other.
by Perkar January 21, 2005