A mad ass bitch, who is friendly to everyone. Is funny and tells jokes.
That new chick is such a tenny.
by ChurrBo July 24, 2011
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is nice, funny, pretty, and wanted by most boys. She warms up the room like nobody else and is friends with everyone. She will be the most beautiful and sweetest girl you will ever meet.
Person 1- That girls so pretty and nice!
Person 2- I bet she's a Tenny!
by alecismyboo98 November 22, 2012
An amount of high quality marijuana but only 10 dollars worth. also known as a "ten bud". Most dealers won't sell these but if your close and or desprate they will. A very nice alternative to smoking low grade weed when you dont got much cash.
Cory:"Hey dude how much we got total?"
Ethan:"shit, only 12 bucks and i dont want a dime of schwag!"
Cory:"no, thats good! we can get a tenny from my dude"
by SkunkyBuds July 10, 2006
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