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Orignating from the 2003 movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Tom was a man in the movie who's memonry spanned a period of about remembered seconds. Used to define someone who is really forgetful.
Dana is a real ten-second-tom--she never remembers anything!

Damn! I'm a real ten-second-tom today! I forgot my keys!
by P. Yang February 18, 2006
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When a guy gets so excited that he barely gets her shirt off before and blows his load, usually acompanied by the excuse "meh, it's been a while".

Typically happens to virgins, engineers, dush-bags in suits, any guy aged 14-19, this guy named Dan that I met at my friends birthday party last month, and dudes with large commic book collections.
Last night was horrible. He started feeling me up and this wet spot formed in his pants and he ran for the bathroom. He was such a ten-second-tom.
by Janie_May October 29, 2006
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