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A person who has no friends, and thinks they are good at everything.
That kid is the biggest tello, he is so cocky.
by Someplace March 10, 2008
1. the friend no one likes

2. player that shouldn't have made the team, but made it anyway; made the team out of sympathy

3. something to yell if you screw up on anything

4. (vb) to tello- to own someone, mainly in hockey, because you owned someone and made them look like "the tello (see #2)
1. "Why is he following us?"
"I don't know. He's such a tello."

2. "He got the tello spot."

3. "Ah, tello!"

4. "Dude, you telloed by that kid with your toedrag!"
by laxxx375 February 27, 2007
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