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A spinnoff of pwn derived from the english word "telephone", telepwn is used to mark the impending action of pwning.
telepwn call for you.
by ryan y February 23, 2005
the act of talking on the fone with sum one and getting totally pwned
person calls someone on the fone
guy 1: hello

guy 2: hey watcha doin?
guy 1: ur mom i just tele-pwned u
Combination of teleport (telepr0t) and pwn.
A way of instagibbing (see pwn, gib, own) someone in Unreal Tournament games with the teleporter gun.

Past tense: telepwnt, telepwnd
ZOMG I got telepwnt by blue campers when I got the flag!!
by Drivestort August 08, 2006
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