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computer-mediated sexual interaction between the
{VR} presences of two humans. This practice is not yet possible except
in the rather limited form of erotic conversation on {MUD}s and the
like. The term, however, is widely recognized in the VR community as a
{ha ha only serious} projection of things to come.
connect to my teledildonics server now biatch!
by Seth July 06, 2003
Electronic dildo to dildo communication systems for the purpose of communicating dildonic telemetry over short or long distances over a variety of networked mediums (i.e. teledildonics over token ring, teledildonics over ethernet, teledilconics over TCP/IP, et. al.)
Hey Bob, connect to my multiplayer teledildonic system on !!
by DMD March 07, 2003
Using a telephone network made up of dildos, and containing everything DMD said. This system replaces POTS.
"Dude, phone the operator and ask for the teledildonics service."
by Soiled Undergarment July 12, 2003
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