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Known as the most beautifulest, self-centered (and occasionally stuck up), bitchiest, yet the most funnest and funniest person you will ever meet in your damn life. Most commonly to think that she's better then others, but doesn't like to brag about it. But knows it's definitely true. One of the best kissers you could find. Commonly to be known as the "toy all guys enjoy" and admired by all genders. Even aliens perhaps. Befriend a teigan. THEN WORSHIP AT HER FEET.
boy1: wow, i met this girl last night
boy2: yeah, what about her?
boy1: we messed around and i gotta say..
boy2: what?!
boy1: she's so hot. she's such a teigan!
by lovemeforever5 January 23, 2009
The funniest girl you will ever meet, but don't let that distract you from her beauty. She doesn't give a fuck about society, but cares about you. She is secretly a tiger in the bedroom and has a knack for swimming :)
emmi: I met an awesome girl today :)
mum: She must be a Teigan!
by emmipoops March 24, 2013
Teigan is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is caring, kind and knows when something is up... She is the best swimmer and she knows it ;) :)
But other than that she is my bestie and she knows it. And she knows that i will always be here for her and she can talk to me about anything... And even when we grow old we (hopefully) will meet up all the time and drink tea. Like posh old women :D
So i will get her to look it up this arvo and she will see this and now something i have wrote is on the interent yaya.. but back to teigan.. She is just awesome... I dont know what i would do without her and if i wouldn't of met her last year, i wouldnt of even of known she existed.
But cheers EIGAN!! :) :) xxx
I cant think of an example... :/ Teigan
by yumyum102 March 02, 2011
A Teigan is someone who is usually very insecure and is very dependent on love. They often fall in love and they end up fangirling over their crush, but then they'll go onto someone new after a few months. A Teigan is a very beautiful and curvy girl, very funny. Often scared of rejection. If you know a Teigan, cherish her. If you are loved by a Teigan, get with her, she's the best you'll ever get. She would be so kind and she's hopelessly romantic.
by ThatOneDirectioner December 13, 2014
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