1. A superlative that denotes the base plane of suckiness; the equivalent of Absolute Zero on the Kelvin Temperature Scale if you will.

2. anime.
"Anime is teh suck"
by Benwa Mandelbrot July 21, 2004
Top Definition
another computer term for "sucks"

also a filter dodge on some message boards
that show is teh suck
by lukini March 09, 2005
The absolute worst thing ever, completely beyond bad, lower than horrible, and more crappy than explosive diarrhea
Omg, 3 and 67, your ut2k3 skillaz are teh suck
by Cataphract_40 November 18, 2003
A 1337 term used to describe something of unimpressive attributes.
Yuo is teh suck.
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
According to the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, what the Plutionions are.
Emory and Oglethorpe... Were not invited is the end of that sentence! Plutionians are teh suck!
by madrhetoric May 07, 2005
Something which is unimpressive.
dude that site is teh suck
by Anonymous November 07, 2002
when something sucks so bad that its degree of sucking cannot be adequately described.

Originates from an adult swim message board conversation circa 2002 when a user, ragging on anime, made the statement "cuz anime is teh s uck." The space was necessary to circumvent message board filters.
Jimmy: I think I'm gonna watch Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC tonight.
Carter: man, that show is teh s uck!
by StewieHateYoMama November 29, 2010
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