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any girl who is so breathtakingly attractive that it's almost a little dangerous
"look at the girl with the breathtakingly attractive body so much so that it's almost dangerous..her name must be teff..."
#attractive #tefff #stephanie #dangerous #beautiful
by teff September 29, 2006
A shortened word that refers to teflon coated (and often steel core) ammunition which, at close range will penetrate vests, engine blocks, kevlar helmets, etc. Teflon, a fluorocarbon, is the acclaimed "slipperiest substance" in the world, which makes it an effective cop killer.
Brotha Lynch: "nigga's got teffs in his nine"
#teflon bullets #tefs #cop killers #pig stickers #teflons
by Hoopnasty May 01, 2006
Smelly Beaver. Dirty smelly weavo
Weaving the Beave
by Kieran February 01, 2003
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