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another word for television. or T.V. ,but others fuck it as teevee. damn. i call it as "idiot box"
dickweed: hey bitch turn on the teevo! tyra banks is on.
asswipe: fuck the what dude cos lindsay lohan is on teevo!
by twodick May 16, 2008
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indie-rock band from colchester, uk.
"also on the bill are young local upstarts teevo, whose soaring indie melodies are bound to win you over."
by dulcie February 17, 2004
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Coolest thing that could ever be. If a person-they are the best lay with the biggest wang. If you ever come across one of these you are a very lucky person and should take the time to appreciate the teevo and flirt tremendously and then succumb to his sexiness and have sex with him.
also none as steve or steevo
OH teevo you are amaaaazzzzing!!!!!!
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
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