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An abbreviation for tea leaves.
As a fortune teller, I specialize in reading palms and teevs.
by willwithskills December 13, 2010
Advanced form of "Tev", which is a shortened form of "whatever", usually expressing disinterest or mild defensive derision.

TEEV is usually spelled all-caps, and is usually spoken in an exaggerated or raised-voice to express consternation with another person. While TEEV is usually used defensively in response to some real or imagined attack, it's use is still playful, as amongst friends.

Definitive origin unknown, but suspected to have been first coined by Jeff Lorien after a Page/Plant concert in the '90s

Related to Tev
1. (Dude 1) "Dude, you SUCK at Halo 2!"
(Dude 2) "TEEV, dude. You aren't much better!"
by Marcus Makuvitch March 05, 2007
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