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One day an arabic man, while working in a restaurant became thirsty, so he said to one of the people he works with. In his thick accent, "Jems, can you plis get me some iced teeeeea." at this current moment the boss was walking past and heard the man say "teeeeea" so he though this is great, walked into the restaurants back room and yelled "teeeeea" at the top of his lungs while looking over his shoulder. now known as teeeeeaing. this took off and along with plis, chis plais and other less commonly known calls.

there are a small bunch of people that go teeeeeaing but it is rare so if seen or heard it must be shouted in reply.
"did you see James just teeeeea that guy?" "yeah that was great!"
by Deco11 March 19, 2012
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