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Tee Eff (tf) is something you say when something is absolutely ridiculous or unexpected. When your grandma only gives you $5 for your birthday, you typically say "Tee Eff?!" You then reach in the bag to grab the AK-47 to ruin her day. Other uses for "Tee Eff" would be if an ugly girl slides in your dm's. The right the to do is send a screenshot to your homeboy and ask "Tee Eff?!". Tee Eff is just used to emphasize the letters "T" and "F" in the popular "Tf" abbreviation for "The fuck".
Patrick: "Bro, I wish I had a bald girlfriend so when I have sex with her from the back I can smack her baldy."
Owen: "Tee Eff???!!"
by Pxttyy July 03, 2016
a substitute for titty fucking for all the girls who are grossed out by the word 'titty'
he'd rather tee-eff me then get a handy
by TheShivers February 19, 2003
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