Of or relating to a person or situation which is technologically 'challenged'.
You don't have an iPod yet? That's kinda techdarded.
by Jamie March 27, 2005
Top Definition
Relating to a person or situation that is technologically impaired.
You can't figure out how to turn on your Ipod? How techtarded can you be?
by Jenn March 31, 2005
someone who know nuts about the most common technologies invented or even maybe having problems handling their own mobile phones.

b: oh I just realize I could close multi apps in my iphone like this!! (amazed and proud of himself)

a: oh c'mon you meant you didn't know that?

b: no of course not..I'm a tech-tarded. (wide smile)
by tech-savy! March 23, 2011
Not having the capacity to operate the simplest of electronics. This primitive species cannot understand the concept of "user-friendly" and often appears to be baffled by everyday occurrences.
No, it's not the batteries in the remote... it's you... Perhaps you should try not to be so tech-tarded.
by coffee_beanie February 26, 2011
Being incapable of managing modern technology.
Tech Support Lisa: No ma'am, that's not a cupholder, it's where you put CDs or DVDs... What's a DVD? Ummm, let me put you on hold a sec...
(to other Tech Support colleague)
OMG, this moron is so techtarded - I guarantee she has a landline - probably a rotary dial one...
by jeffstra July 31, 2011
the inability to grasp or utilize any new gadget or piece of technology
Grandma is too techtarded to use her new phone.
by JunkyBrewster April 12, 2015
when one who is a retard when it comes to technology. aka. techtard
Susie couldn't figure out how to get on the internet so she asked Mike. Mike showed her and quickly said she was techtarded.
by moneybabymoney March 27, 2011
A person, or an act of a person who is incompitent with technology.
The first type knows what they are, and are deadly afraid of electronics as a result.
The second type are not aware of what they are, and as a result usually end up destroying things in an attempt to fix them.
The caller to the IT helpdesk is techtarded.

You asked someone to set up your DVD player clock, and now it's in a million pieces and they're nowhere to be seen - you *know* when you've been techtarded.
by Mr Savlon September 23, 2009
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