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1. A person who has no clue about technology. 2. An insecure individual who calls the Help Desk of any organization who starts off their problem with, "I am not computer savvy." 3. A technologically-challenged individual.
Oh my gawd, I'm surrounded by technotards! They couldn't operate a C64 without a owner's manual!!
by firahz February 14, 2005
8 1
Someone that computer technology has by passed
I am so technotarded, You have to call me if you send me an e-mail!
by angelenabalabeana April 11, 2011
1 0
The inability to operate (modern) technology without assistance, whether it be from tech support or a random (usually younger) family member.
"My parents are so technotarded they can't send an e-mail by themselves."
by D_T_Le July 26, 2009
1 2
One that is slow, incompetent, a noob, or poor at functioning the proper use of technological equipement.
A person who is mentally underdeveloped when it comes to the use and operation of computers, phones, cell phones, calculators, CD players, record machines, televisions, iPods, microwaves, ovens, toasters, anything with some sort of digital display, anything with some sort of analog display, radios, circuit boards, fans, lights, etc.
Someone who is retarded when it comes to the function of any sort of technology.
-Damn man, i had to help this technotard fix their monitor yesterday...and it turns out that the computer was off!
-What are you talking about!? Bill Gates is definitely not technotarded.
-Dude, my aunt is so technotarded, she couldn't even put a new contact on her phone...
by Liverwiz April 05, 2007
2 3