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another term used to describe high quality marijuana. shortened form of trauma. used to indicate the state it seems to incur.
Yo, my man Jimmy has some dank traums! Want to go over and get blazed?
by firahz February 27, 2005
1. A person who has no clue about technology. 2. An insecure individual who calls the Help Desk of any organization who starts off their problem with, "I am not computer savvy." 3. A technologically-challenged individual.
Oh my gawd, I'm surrounded by technotards! They couldn't operate a C64 without a owner's manual!!
by firahz February 14, 2005
1.) A person who calls a Help Desk of any company who starts off a sentence with, "I am not computer savvy/literate." 2.) An individual who couldn't operate a PC with a quick start manual. 3.) A computer programmer with no hardware skills.
Phil is such a technotard!! He can program VB scripts in a heartbeat but can't even defrag his HDD!!
by firahz February 16, 2005
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