The downfall of the western civilization.
That boy watch television until his eyes protruded, when he was unable to watch any further.
by hanes June 18, 2005
Doing a chick doggystyle.
Guy#1: "Oh man that girl is UGLY, but she's all over me."
Guy#2: "Dude that's why they invented technology."
by John Barrett April 20, 2008
A mobile device intended to make communication with other people easier and more efficient, e.g. a BlackBerry, iPhone, mobile phone, or laptop computer. Said technology frequently fails to work as intended, so the word "technology" carries notes of frustration and irony as well as appreciation. Since mobile technology devices evolve quickly, it is much easier to say "technology" than to refer to them by model name.
1. "I can't find the freeway entrance. Can someone use their technology to get directions from Google Maps? 2. "I'm trying to look his number up, but my technology is taking forever to load the page... god, this technology is so useless." 3. "I'm so tired of using this technology, I just want you here with me." - Justin Timberlake
by Kate Kickflip Losse August 12, 2007
It is what will bring the damnation to all of human life. It represents what will destroy us as a race in the future.
God Dammitt! I hate technology!
by Ziggy December 22, 2004
Term used to describe a sexual toy, usu. for a woman.
DAYUM! I didn't know that you get that much technology all up in there!
by Sterling April 29, 2003
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